Testimonial 1:

Our Company had a significant insurance loss that included a fatality. Will was available at all times including weekends to help navigate the insurance aspects of this loss. The coverage’s provided by Aspen was more than adequate to cover the costs of the loss and each part of the loss was covered by insurance. will was instrumental in connecting me with a very competent advisory council and his input was useful during the settlement of the loss.

~ Dan, Merrimack, NH 3/25/10

Testimonial 2:

My company suffered a devastating seven figure fire in the middle of the night.I called will and he was on site before some of the first respondents. Will stayed on site all night and into the next afternoon. He called all the necessary people including a contractor to secure the building. The insurance program Aspen provided covered all my costs and I was able to stay in business with minimal interruption.

~ Matt, Auburn, NH 5/15/11

Testimonial 3:

I wanted to take a minute to let you know that I have recently been dealing with an extremely difficult situation with my daughter’s landlord in Amherst. I have been working with Marie and she has been an incredible amount of help to me. She has been understanding, patient, and gone above and beyond to help me get the items I needed. She has followed up and has stayed on top of the issue the entire time. She worked with Hanover to solve the problem and saved me over $150 and the hassle of finding someone in Massachusetts to write a new policy for me. She has been wonderful! Great customer service!

~ Kathy, Manchester, NH 6/10/12

Testimonial 4:

I think I told you this before but Allison is wonderful, it is so nice to deal with someone that is prompt and very courteous, I enjoy dealing with her.

~ Stacy, Bedford 5/10/12

Testimonial 5:

Will, I would like to thank you for helping my husband and me out last week with our personal insurance. You offered me better coverage and saved me $800.00. It was like getting another paycheck. Thanks so much. I will tell my friends about Aspen.

~ Kim and Steve, Manchester, HN 8/20/12