Workers Compensation Insurance

If you have been frustrated with the high cost of your workers compensation insurance and have not been thoughtfully taken through the key factors impacting your workers compensation costs then we would like to offer you an alternative approach.

The Aspen Insurance Approach to Workers Compensation Management:

  • The Aspen Insurance Workers Compensation Seminars – a half day workshop presented by leaders in the field of safety, claims management, occupational healthcare, and underwriting. Seminars held every other month and are free of charge. Please Contact Us for more information.
  • Experience modification analysis report – an eight page detailed analysis of your workers compensation experience modification (see sample report link)
  • Meet with an occupational health care representative to develop a tailored medical management plan to support your employees health and reduce your overall workers compensation insurance cost.
  • Meet with the finest safety consultants to fine tune your safety program and focus in on your high priority safety improvement issues.
  • A complete review of your payroll exposures and prior claims to identify reporting errors that could be costing you extra premium dollars.

Workers Compensation Insurance is one of our clients’ largest and potentially most variable expenses. Our philosophy is that it is our job is to assist our clients in minimizing their workers compensation costs through education and training. The Aspen Insurance Workers Compensation Management Program works because it is fundamentally sound and utilizes the best practices within our industry. The program also creates a strong partnership with our clients and the team of professionals that Aspen Insurance brings to the table to assist in the management of our clients workers compensation program.